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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tip of the Week: Rabbit Pose

Question sent in to us via email from student Marty: "I have the hardest time getting into rabbit pose. I feel like I have a tight spine and it doesn't round very easily in this posture."

Many yoga students have difficulty even getting part-way into Rabbit posture because they focus too much on pulling on the heels, and do not put enough attention into lifting the hips up. As Bikram's Beginning Yoga Class explains, the way to overcome this is to lift the hips up first, bending forward while gripping the heels, from the beginning of the posture. Once the body is curling forward and the hips are lifting, then it's easier to pull on the heels and work towards straightening the arms. While pulling on the heels, lift the shoulders away from the ears.

Also remember to really suck your abdominal muscles in. By doing so you'll be able to stretch further and with more ease.

Don't over do it or go too far. Over time your spine will become more flexible and you'll feel the incredible benefits of the posture!