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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tip of the Week: Stretching Pose

This week we have the BEST TIP EVER! Come to our Open House to see our new location on Thursday July 18 from 7-9pm! Then come to a FREE community class on Friday July 19 at either 6am w/Greg or 2:30pm w/Becky!

And now on to a posture tip...Stretching Pose. Stretching Pose is performed immediately after Head to Knee Pose. You can read last week's post on Head to Knee Pose by clicking "Here".

Alignment for Stretching Pose is key. Grip your big toes tightly with your middle and index fingers. Make sure you are sitting on your "sits bones" by shifting your hips back several times. Sit up tall with your chest up and stomach in. Try to lock both knees. Suck your stomach in, stick your chest out, and pull hard on your toes until your heels come up off the floor. If your knees stay locked, then lower your chest to your knees, keeping your back flat. Use your grip to pull your torso forward from the lower spine. Do not bend your elbows until your heels are off the floor.

*Tip: Keep your spine straight and look forward, not down. Keep your chin up. Think about touching your chest to your toes and keep a flat back.

*Tip: The more you contract your thighs, the more your hamstrings will be protected and will be able to stretch.

*Tip: As a beginner, you may not be able to lock your knees. No problem. Pull on the toes and try to straighten your legs on the floor, chest up, back flat. If you feel a pull in the backs of your knees and legs, that's good. That means you are stretching the sciatic nerves, thigh biceps, and calf muscles.

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