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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tip of the Week: Practicing While Pregnant

As soon as you know you are pregnant please seek the advice of your doctor and follow advice accordingly.

  • For a first time pregnancy, it's better to avoid any new form of exercise. 
  • If you are a regular Bikram Yoga practitioner for more than a year, you can continue your practice following Rajashree's Pregnancy Yoga.
  • The series was made into a DVD video specifically for pregnancy by Rajashree (Bikram’s wife) which is available for purchase in our retail section.
  • You can practice Rajashree’s Pregnancy Yoga after the 1st Trimester
  • Rajashree's Pregnancy Yoga can be practiced in Bikram Yoga Class with moderate heat at own discretion.
  • If you are a student (including teacher) and are at a High Risk, follow your doctor's advice.
Kate Ulrich in 3rd part of half moon 
No postures should be done which cause compression on the diaphragm and heart.

In backbends, don't push hips forward of knees.

In backbends, stretch upward and back with the upper spine; when coming up
bend the knees to relieve back pressure.

Moderate heat is okay from the beginning. Separate feet slightly in standing poses.
Kate Reese in Seated Forward Bend  In forward bends keep knees open.

No head to knee pose, separate leg forehead to knee, or rabbit.

Also no cobra, locust, full locust, bow.

Rest on your side in between postures rather than on your back.

Long, deep, slow breathing in easy sitting position is relaxing for mom and baby.
Practice at about 50% of your capacity and never to exhaustion.
• Be sure to stay well-hydrated.
• Practice in a cooler area of the room or by the door. Feel free to leave class anytime to cool down.
• From the second trimester on, practice standing postures with your feet six inches apart for stability.
• No forward compressions or belly-down postures after the first trimester. Ask your teacher for modifications

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