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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tip of the Week: Shower Before Class

If you practice Bikram Yoga in hot room it's always a good idea to take a shower both after and before your session. While the reasons for taking one after are obvious, taking a shower before a Bikram Yoga session is something many people forget to do. There are a few very good reasons for doing so:
  • It helps you get rid of any lotions or other oils that you might have on your skin. There’s nothing more frustrating than achieving a perfect pose, and then “slip” out of it due to a slippery skin texture.
  • If you take a hot shower, it helps you ease into the temperature that you will be training in, making it less of a shock.
  • If you use cologne or perfume, please remember that the smell of it can become really intense in a heated yoga room, particularly when you sweat (and you will sweat!). This smell can be very disturbing to anyone else training in your vicinity and can easily break their concentration.
  • It’s a great experience to start a Yoga session while feeling fully refreshed and 100% clean; it can even make you more confident in your abilities to perform a certain pose, as it gives you a certain degree of extra mental calm.
Of course if it's all you can do to make it on time while running from the office or dropping the kids off at the babysitter, we're just happy to see you show up! But if time allows, do what you can. For more information on skin care and Bikram Yoga, click "here".

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