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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tip of the Week: How to Keep Our Floors Beautiful

Since moving into our new studio in 2013, we've made a commitment to provide the highest quality Bikram experience for our students. Long gone are the days of practicing on musty carpeting. Our new flooring is made of Lonseal, a specialty flooring made specifically for hot yoga. Now with yoga flooring instead of carpeting, students can enjoy a more healthy and comfortable environment. The flooring emits zero toxins, is anti-fatigue, cushioned-step, with extra thick closed-cell foam-padding. We decided to not place a sealer on the flooring to make it non-slip, as this can be an issue in a sweaty hot room. Because of this, we ask a few things of you to help us maintain the floors:

*Please pre-wash new colored towels before using them in the hot room. If the towel hangs over the edge of the yoga mat, it can easily stain the floor as our flooring is not sealed.

*Please avoid bringing colored drinks into the studio. If a colored drink (especially Blue Powerade!) spills on the floor, it is nearly impossible to remove the stain. Clear water with a few drops of "elete" electrolytes or a pinch of salt is your best bet for hydrating (read more on this by clicking "here").

*Please use the fabric mops at the back of the room to wipe up any sweat or water from around your mat before leaving the room.

THANK YOU for helping to keep our floors beautiful!

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