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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tip of the Week: Backbend During Standing Bow Pulling

In Standing Bow Pulling Pose, you are trying to create a BACKBEND. As the name implies, you are trying to create a "bow" shape, much like in the floor Bow Pose.
Oftentimes when students go into this posture, they bring their chest and abdomen straight down, making their back straight. In fact it pretty much looks like Balancing Stick with a leg up in the air.
What you have to do first and foremost is work on the biggest deepest backbend you can muster.

1) After holding your leg in your hand bring your knees back together. Your shoulder will drift a little behind you
2) Bring up the other arm straight and strong, palm facing forward
3) Your hips are square and your shoulders are already starting to orient themselves one behind the other
4) Inhale stretch up as high and as strongly as you can, and on the exhale…
5) Kick the foot back into your hand, kick your knee up to the ceiling AND
6) DO NOT move your arm or body one little bit. They will move by themselves as you kick. But let the kick drive the pose. Let the shoulder get pulled back by the force of the kicking leg.
7) The whole time try to touch the ceiling with your front arm. You won’t be able to of course, but the action of this will help you create a better backbend.
8) Your back stays up. As you kick up your belly will come down all by itself. But try to keep the chest up as high as possible. 

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