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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Tip of the Week: Work Your Logical Brain with Yoga

Awesome video from brainboostcamp on how to give your logical brain a great workout with yoga! 

"Our aim with each posture is to challenge and train the logical brain (the prefrontal cortex) to achieve long term improvements in its ability to redirect attention and thoughts and suppress the emotional brain. This training will raise the threshold at which our emotional brain triggers a stress response in any situation. We can increase the load against which our logical brain has to train by including stretching, muscle contraction and backward bending, all of which may temporarily raise the 'tense' signal. Regular practice at this can result in longer term improvements in attention control and the avoidance of rumination. 

There are four aspects of yoga postures that will help achieve this, as this short video shows. If a series of yoga postures meets these criteria, you are likely to be giving your logical brain a great workout!"

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