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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Tip of the Week: Don't Rotate Hips in Balancing Stick

In Balancing Stick, pay attention to your hip alignment. Strive to keep both hips in one line from the side. Typically the lifted leg will want to pull that side of the hip up. If this happens, adjust & have both hips aligned, parallel to the floor. Make sure one hip does not lift higher than the other. This will guarantee a beautiful hamstring stretch on the standing leg, will keep your spine straight, and will help to keep your balance in the posture. 

 In the above photo, the hip of Sara's lifted leg is rotated upwards making it difficult to maintain her balance. 
 In this photo, Sara's hips are in one line from the side, parallel to the floor. She is now able to maintain her balance while stretching the hamstring of her standing leg.

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