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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Evette's 200 Day Challenge

Bikram Yoga SLC student Evette has embarked on a journey of challenging herself to practice 200 sessions in 200 days. Pushing herself to go above and beyond, she doubled her goal from 100 to 200 sessions, and recently did 4 classes in one day. We admire your determination Evette and thank you for allowing us to share in your quest! 

Below are a couple of her latest entries from her blog 200 in 200 Bikram Yoga Challenge

Practice 200 Bikram yoga sessions in 200 days is my challenge. Initially I committed to 100 sessions in 100 days. After reading yoga philosophy on determination I upped my goal to 200 in 200. According to the philosophy to truly test determination, set a goal that is challenging and attainable, then double it. This blog documents my journey to 200 and if you get something from reading my thoughts, fantastic.

 79: Soft and Strong
79 of 200, day 70, July 20

My practice has shifted from pushing hard to being soft and strong. Previously I forced myself into asanas in practice. Now I focus on being present and strong in asanas. This allows me to be relaxed in practice.

73: Action to Shape, Stillness to Be 
73 of 200, day 66, July 16

I'm sure teachers have mentioned action and stillness many times in practice. The difference today is that I listened. In yoga practice consider the action & stillness, the balance and strength required in postures then the calm stillness of savasana. It is the action that shapes me, then being closer and closer to stillness that makes me become more. The physical challenge and mental focus required to do postures shapes me mentally, physically, spiritually, socially and emotionally. My body seems to be able to take on more challenge at times than my mind. Some days it is my body that heals my mind. Other days it is my mind that heals my body. All days it is savasana that takes all this shaping in practice and converts it to being more aware. The stillness releases the limiting behaviors and beliefs of the past. And I am  aware of something new in myself. It has always been there but now it has surfaced.