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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Follow Your Dreams

Thought we'd share this letter we received from fellow yogis Keith and Karen. Keith started Bikram with us in 2008 and Karen in 2007. They moved in 2012. This is a great testimony of Bikram Yoga giving them the inspiration and energy to follow their dreams.

Dear Greg, Becky, Jay and Bikies,
Thought we'd send along some pictures of our house in Canaan, New Hampshire.  It's a cutie, on five acres.  We've done some remodeling to the outside, and we're now working on the inside.  We feel that the practice of Bikram is one of the major factors that has given us the inspiration and energy to follow our dreams, which is to live a more intentional life in the country.  We are continuing our Bikie practice in White River Junction, Vermont, which is a quick drive from where we live.  Wishing you all a wonderful New Year.  May we all wake up and enjoy this wondrous life.
Keith and Karen

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