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Monday, September 12, 2016

Tip of the Week: Avoid These Pitfalls in Pranayama Breathing

Some common pitfalls that happen in Pramayama Breathing, especially for beginners in terms of form are: 

1. Collapsing in the spine
When exhaling, don't do a backward bend. This caves in the lower spine, puts a lot of pressure on the vertebrae of the lower back, and collapses the chest. You want to keep the chest lifted while keeping the spine straight to keep a nice feeling of elongation throughout. Squeezing your buttocks will also help to elongate and straighten the spine.

2. Creating a lot of excess tension in the neck and shoulders. 
Keep the shoulders down away from the ears and stretch the shoulder blades away from you.

3. Not breathing slowly enough.
In order to achieve full lung capacity, you must breathe in and out for the full size counts or for as long as you can.

4. Not sucking the stomach in.
 You want to keep the core engaged to keep the spine straight.

5. Closing the eyes on the exhale. 
Many people naturally close their eyes as they tilt their head backwards on the exhale. Keeping your eyes open helps you to stay present in the room. 

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