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Sunday, January 13, 2013

We Kicked Asana at Regionals!

We could not be more proud of our Bikram Yoga SLC students and teachers who participated in the 2013 Utah Regional USA Yoga Asana Championship. Your dedication to your practice, and the amount of determination and control you showed us on stage was beyond admirable. Thank you for giving us all much to aspire to!

The day was a success for each and every one of you, and regardless of whether or not you placed at Regionals, you all won.
Here are the results:
Men: 3rd place Marc Linton; 2nd place Tanner Williams; 1st Mike Schenk
Women: 3rd place Alexa Lewis, 2nd place Audra Williamson; 1st Carolyn Valencia

Mike Schenk

 Stephan Pietrangelo

 Alexa Lewis

 Mike Schenk

 Alexa Lewis

 Audra Williamson

 Nella Holden

Marc Linton

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