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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Tip of the Week: 5 Things to Think About in Savasana

Although Savasana is one of the 26 postures in the Bikram Series, no body ever treats "dead body pose" as a serious pose. We are too busy fighting bodily tension, feeling guilty for relaxing, or anticipating the next pose. Relaxing is one of the most beneficial things you can learn to do in life. In order to practice a successful savasana pose, we should remember our five keys to hatha yoga :
  1. faith
  2. patience
  3. determination
  4. concentration
  5. self control
Keep in mind these things when you are having difficulty relaxing during savasana.  The tranquil inactivity in savasana is actually full of more beneficial living than all the mindless rushing around of our daily lives.  Through relaxation, we develop suppleness. Through suppleness, we can control and fully apply our strength and flexibility.  That is the balance we attain through hatha yoga.
Here’s a few tips to enhance your savasana experience ::
  • always lie face up with your feet facing away from the teacher. This is time-honored tradition in the East, and shows respect for all beings
  • palms upward
  • feet relaxed and dropping out to the side
  • eyes open
  • breathing normal (means forget about your breathing)
  • imagine all the spark has left your body
  • let the floor support you
  • relax the body as a whole unit

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