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Thursday, March 15, 2012


Are you tired of straightening your towel during class, or resisting the urge to do so? Are you having a hard time turning on your mat for the three standing postures? We've just received a big order of Skidless Yogitoes Towels for those of you who are tired of having a bunched up towel under your feet. And best of all, they are NOW 25 % OFF! This is the first time ever that we've put our Yogitoes Towels on sale, so take advantage now while it lasts. This towel is definitely worth the investment. It’s designed specifically for yoga practice to prevent slipping. It’s lightweight, super-absorbent, and accented with tiny clear rubber dots which grip to your yoga mat, enabling you to have a steadier practice so you can revel in the full experience of being present. . If you have chronic slipping issues, the Skidless towel provides a grippier surface than the average yoga mat -- thanks to silicone nubs that cover the surface of the towel, adhering it to your mat. Unlike traditional Ashtanga rugs, also used to prevent slippage, the Skidless does not have to be made wet before class. The Skidless is also a lot less bulky than most rugs, and covers the entire length of the mat unlike a regular bath or beach towel.
TIP: If you tend to sweat heavily, place a bath towel over the Yogitoes Towel. And to maintain the non-slip qualities of the Yogitoe, do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets.

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